Provocative Dreams

by Passing Human Parade

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released November 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Passing Human Parade Helsinki, Finland

Passing Human Parade (PHP) is the solo project of progressive rocker Annina Antinranta, better known as a founding member of the Tuvalu. The music is dark and influenced by technology and romance.

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Track Name: 01 High Voltage
There´s a city and a city
The city in us
This is between the city and the city
Between the two of us
A song for all our former and future lovers
A song for all the jealousy and hate
A song for all who struggle for better and worse
A song for the sacrifice I made
The rain, the water, the flow
The wish; to have a mind like water with
High voltage
Electrified feeling
A song for all the abandoned and the reborn
A song for all the preachers with a rhyme
A song for all the sad, lonely and torn
A song for the lovers lost in time
The rain, the water, the flow
The wish; to have a mind like water with
High voltage
Electrified feeling
Particles of light
Track Name: They Smoked And Stared At Us
Streets are getting empty
Sleepless people secure us
Cross over into the twilight zone
Let’s hide, just the two of us
Through the abandoned yards
We follow the broken rails
Watch out the broken hearts
This is me
This is all that I am
This is what I give you
The world unknown
Stalkers and their obsessions
I want to have you as if you were the last
You’re breathing in fumes, my body is warm
Let go of the past
Through the abandoned yards
We follow the broken rails
Watch out the broken hearts
This is me
This is all that I am
This is what I give you
The world unknown
As this yard is my witness
And the moon rides low in the vermillion sky
Forever a rebel´s heart
Shall be yours if you want, until the night I die
This world as we know it might come to its end
These are violent and furious times
Walk with me
Stars shall be our guardians
Stars in our fiery eyes
Track Name: Passing Human Parade
The fractions of the sky rain over me
But I stand before you bold and dearly
There are dreams and dreams
No roads run through the allies
When in sleep the eye sees the thing more clearly
We are the passing human parade
Between the good and evil we masquerade
We walk among you, but have no role in satire
We are the boys, who have become men
with unforgiving eyes, hearts broken,
We are the girls lost and alone in their desire
Wet licks on the surface, lips unified
Provoke me with your rage and hidden violence
I tend to disappear
I blend into the crowd
Sometimes I raise my voice in particular silence
Track Name: Ghostly
Night´s mare put the weight on my chest
Forgotten is the story
The walls collapsed as told
You walked down the hall, inviting
Now the scent of you turn
into a moisture and mold
The dust is taking turns
It dances on the newspapers spread
brutally on the floor
The figure of an old man, returning
to the crime scene
his hands gently touching the handle of the door
This is where I used to
lay my fingers around you
The dust is taking turns
The dust is taking turns
The dust is taking turns
What is it to me?
What is it to me now?
Let them moulder away
Track Name: The Presence of the Past
A decade has disappeared - I get confused
A century has changed - I get confused
The new millennium born - I get confused
The sense of time - I get confused
The time reaches my hand
makes cut marks to the life line
I died, then I was born
The presence of the past - felt close
This moment called now - the only time
What happens in and around us
in all these overwhelming emotions
The changes forced and chosen - I get confused
Old homes gone cold - I get confused
Lives without and with children - I get confused
Lives to have and to hold - I get confused
Let´s have this moment and stay one second in forever
I get confused
Track Name: Neon Blues
Shapes and figures
How they grow from the dark
Those humans reshaped by
the smoky air
This night might be young
But I´ve been here long
Felt sweat, spit and tears
Struggling to be strong
I wanna bend skywards
like the liquid fire
I wanna get close to the stars
Gaze at them with you
the neon lights
The neon blues
Shape shifters and sinners
Worshipped by the bell, they
gather around me and and I
drink for a prayer
And the thunder grows deep
Lightning begins from the ground
I hear a hundred begs for mercy
But I know it´s just a hound
Track Name: Haunted
To those who disapprove
To those blessed with ignorance
To the lovers of back stabbing knives
and their fucked up minds where
remorse makes no difference
I do bleed if you try
Watch me now
I´m crippled by a soothing touch (again)
I´m whispering gentle words (again again again)
I do bleed if you try
Lights, lightning, the owls,
The darkness keeps feeding my fear
What if this has all been a lie?
The darkness surrounds us
my dear
Track Name: Chernips
We’ve come this far
I came to offer you peace
I’m grateful for all the things I’ve learned
and completely at ease
How shallow was I
A few seconds away from rage
Oh I think I have learned by now
The emotions bleed
The rain comes
The great blessing of water
It wards off the evil in me
Ward off the evil in me
Take it out
Upon the shores we walked
The mothers of the unborn
Who bear children forever blind
Who bake figures of the God of Corn
There´s blood on the rocks we pass
Stains on my flawless gown
But I keep my silent bliss
The emotions bleed
Track Name: Mysterium Tremendum
This is out of my hands, I leave this
to tremendous mystery
When death did no harm, nor tore us apart
sudden promises were made to keep our heads high
Heads filled up with chemicals
Biological base of love, making us small
It feels so good to finally let go of you
It feels so good to finally forget all of you
Good bye
The things I felt
Just provocative dreams shared
when in fever